Sunday, February 19, 2012

1: You Are Not Your Own

Knowing God in all His awesomeness makes us want to praise Him more. Indeed. This is our act of worship, either personal or corporate. When we do that, we put Him on a pedestal giving Him the honour and praise that we believe He deserves. That is something that is primarily symbolic of where we stand in our journey with God at the point in time. I say this because we cannot really fully know God in all His awesomeness. We can only know how much of Him he reveals to us. That is also dependent to some extent on how close our walk with Him is.

Moreover, it is not something we are capable of, neither is it something that is critical that we do. God already is on that pedestal before all existence ever was, a million times higher than we can probably ever imagine. It is certainly not up to us to keep Him on that pedestal, neither can we really know it in its entirety to give Him all the glory that He actually deserves. It would be completely narcissistic of him to require that of us. We do not worship a simply egotistic God. If we do, we worship a God with some serious issues of insecurity, surely not the rock we stand upon.

This putting-Him-on-a-pedestal must be only symbolic, and nothing more. Call it default worship, if you will. That doesn’t make it any less glorious an offering to Him than it is. It is simply differentiates it from our primary worship which is our active walking talking worship. If our primary worship were to be our default worship, then it would be only active talking worship as opposed to an active walking talking worship. It would then be something VERY irrelevant and extremely meaningless even to us who practice it. As a matter of fact, it would, at the least, not even be practice worthy.

We are to be functional Christians extending that relationship with God into our lives and out from lives onto the rest of the world, and not simply continuously pay obeisance to God. Our purpose is NOT to primarily continuously tell God how great He is. He knows that more than you can ever know. It is, but, to tell the world how great God is because that same great God is at work in our lives. It’s an all-in-one process. None of these elements can be separated from the others.

Now there’s a slight problem here. The PSYCHE. The psyche likes to be pleased. What the psyche wants, the psyche gets. If the psyche needs to be satisfied, no manner of satisfaction is wrong. The psyche is THE MAN, by all means, apparently. When the prime preoccupation of our worship is the grand manner of God’s ways to us and in our life, with an absence of the dissipation of those ways into our lives and into our living, only the psyche is pleased. The sole purpose of God’s work is not solely for our blessing and our benefit. We are NOT our own. Stopping at His work in our lives and not letting it work in us and go forward through us only ends being a service to ourself and psyche and is not worthy of the joy it gives. We do NOT let God work with us in action, when the only the psyche is pleased. We are not meant to simply comment on his awesomeness but BE his awesomeness so that others can SEE his awesomeness. That means a lot less awe in words and lot more someness in resulting action.

Yes, we will be the fruit of what we are rooted in, but that comes along with a mind that is in our control. If we choose to allow the psyche to take over and be a non-thinking mind, we will only end up serving it. If all we do is only all talk of how great He is by His works towards us, insisting that it is all important, as if they were works primarily and solely for our benefit, there is no be of how great He indeed is with absolutely no relevance to us and therefore no seen impact on the people around us.

We have to check our ways and get over the fact that God has done what He has done for us and go on and allow it to dissipate into our lives and living. God is indeed awesome, much awesomer than the last awesome thing that He just did. If you don't think your God is awesome in the first place, you, first of all, need to expect lots more. Maybe not awesome by your exact standards but awesome, none the less. Leave the jusification of that upto Him. Going over ga-ga and not getting over his awesomeness keeps you a non-functional Christian. He is not that God only to you, but also to other people for whom you are a vehicle of Him.

Expect God to be perfectly God, which means God is as likely to surprise you with his awesomeness as likely as the journey may not turn out to be that surprising. Keeping in mind that what you get is only what you have to live and must give out. Get over it and wait for him to do it all over again. Remember that you are solely SO NOT the point.

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