Sunday, February 19, 2012

5: Allow Yourself To Become The Truth You Profess

In being Primarily Accommodative, Essentially Radiant, our actions are not mere and meaningless. We are what we profess and, by no means, are we perfectly perfect and round. We are also in the making. As we are made, we are to be emanating (and functional). Hence, no one’s actions will be the perfect picture, neither do we have the right to draw the perfect picture we don’t know as a standard to ourselves. As much as we (in the making) are emanating, we also play a part in the making of the people we involve ourselves with in the great awesome plan of God.

Keeping this in mind, it is necessary that we pay attention to ourselves. If we are the vehicle, we are to keep ship-shape. If the vehicle breaks down and does not perform, the mission cannot be carried out. Given that we are in the making and are being perfected by God, it’s not something that’s driven by us. The only place in which our role can possibly come in, is in being sincere and available to that process. In being sincere & available, we are being true to ourselves allowing the growth to happen and allowing ourselves to become wholesome and complete persons of Christ. Not knowing what perfection is, we cannot choose to direct it, decide what we will remain as or where we will remain. We must lend ourselves to perfection, increasing our understanding and seeking to learn more and more.

In the midst of this process, there will be conflict that is mostly internal and it must rage, by all means, and we must be refined. While it rages, we must explore the new directions it gives us and get refined. This internal conflict will project what may be conceived as unchristian behavior, but it is a part of realizing how small we indeed are in all our limited strength. This must be mired in utter sincerity. It is inevitable that the move on up to the next level will be difficult and the value we have for the upgraded life in Christ and its privilege only justifies it. In the meantime, we should keep ourselves open to the correction, understanding and growth that it takes to get there. Fighting it only holds us back from the privilege.

If we are to be what we profess and we are to move on up to the next level, we should allow ourselves to become what we profess at the next level.

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