Sunday, February 19, 2012

2: Does it hold good to itself, to start with at least?

The truth that runs our lives, what we believe indeed, are not mere stands we choose to have, arbitrarily. It is very much our choice to choose to believe them. If it defeats its own purpose, it has no functional value and is a dud. For it to be valid, it must hold good to itself as a primary principle that we are to follow. To be functional, it must serve an end. This may not always be a well round and defined purpose but it always will serve an end. It will, however, not be a pointless exercise.

Now everything, whether it serves the psyche solely or not, serves an end. If this end indeed is our psyche (read the narcissistic God that we worship) or an end that is indeed emanating and functional is the what the question is. The other question to ask is if the purpose is self defeating. What does the whole exercise amount to in the end, in total independence? What is the takeaway at the end of it all? Is someone or something served if it/they are in need? Of what consequence is it? Or are we just trading psyche-pleasing experiences and going around in circles?

We either have...

1) something to give
2) something to take
3) a bit of both, which is usually the case.

Whichever be the case, we either...

1) confidently know what we do know indeed to offer it
2) seek out of need, desire, want and/or incompleteness
3) do both of these – offering what we know and seeking what we don't the process, leaving our understanding open to correction.

When we add all of this up, what is the picture that our understanding creates? Is it one that works against itself?

At the end of it all, do we...

1) learn something indeed
2) be of help someone who needed it
3) overall come out of the experience, with more with us because we were helped and we learnt AND have sufficed someone's need, both at the same time

When we indulge in our lifestyle and corporate worship, we do it knowingly, whether we understand it or not. We choose to worship, however worthy of God our worship indeed is. If it does not adhere to a construct that is always moving forward, growing, desirous, outreaching, helping, seeking and such, it is only one that runs in a circle. If so, it only pleases ourselves and our psyches and is as less worthy of God. We are exactly in the same spot that we were at the last time we worshipped, something we fight and defend to stay at-only ending up a serving a God who amounts to being narcissistic. What we are indeed doing is serving our senses and, indeed, not our non-narcissistic God who wants us to be emanating and functional with His love that we carry in us.

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